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A second rig was secured at Boomvang to concurrently drill a total of up to seven wells at North and East Boomvang in the Gulf of Mexico. Sub-sea well development. Nansen achieved the first production from the first of three subsea wells in early 2002 The Nansen and Boomvang fields lie in the East Breaks area of the Gulf of Mexico, approx. 150 miles south of Houston. Nansen lies in East Breaks block 602 and Boomvang lies in blocks 642, 643 and 683. Nansen lies in 3,678ft of water, while Boomvang lies in 3,453ft. Both Nansen and Boomvang are being developed by the world's first truss spars Tuong Minh Sho

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A few miles out of Freeport on our way to Boomvang With this rig tension (approximately 150 lbs on the shrouds) the leeward shroud should not go slack until the wind velocity is approximately 10 mph. This may require more rig tension than you are used to carrying, but this tension is important in keeping the jib luff sag down to a minimum for maximum speed and pointing capability

Nansen was discovered in October 1999, in 3,680ft of water, approx. eight miles east of the previously announced North Boomvang discovery. Successful drilling of Nansen No 8 well, on East Breaks 602, extended the field to the south. At Boomvang, a second rig was secured to concurrently drill a total of up to seven wells at North and East Boomvang Boomvang, Nansen, & the drill rig (Noble Danny Adkins) are all pretty close together right now, & if necessary, Hoover is a possibility once you're out there depending on your fuel situation One bit of advice, BV is normally chock-full of big Cuda's, so bring a bunch of hooks & leader & be prepared for lost lures

The Nansen, Boomvang, and Gunnison spar projects benefited by having a rig built or upgraded in the yard during the months preceding the installation. Drilling supervisors, completion engineers, and rig contractor design engineers worked together ahead of time to configure the rig and optimize the layout to benefit the completion operations When sailing downwind in light air, the mainsail generally has a better shape if the vang is not tight. Let the sail bag out some. When sailing downwind in a strong wind, ease the vang to depower the mainsail by allowing the boom to rise and the sail to spill air high up (mainsail twist)

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A boom vang is a useful control for your mainsail, especially if it's older and acting its age. That is, if it's getting baggy and difficult to flatten, particularly when you're pointed off the wind. For better performance, you need to be able to pull excess twist out of the mainsail and flatten the leech. Th Captain Devin Potts has done his fair share of oil rig fishing, He operates the Sea Mixer, a 66-foot long Spencer Yachts boat out of Orange Beach, and offers this information.When you're doing some Gulf of Mexico oil rig fishing, the location of a rig is very important. A lot of floater rigs are close to underwater seamounts, and then the rigs work like fish attracting devices Remove any existing boomvang tackle from under the boom. (In the case of a rigid boomvang, rig your Walder® boom brake aft of that rigid vang.) Rig your Walder® boom brake under the boom using a shackle, positioned approximately one-third of the way aft of the mast Commissioned in 2002, the Boomvang Spar is operated by Anadarko (30 percent owned by the company, 20 percent owned by Ocean Energy, Inc., and 50 percent owned by Enterprise Oil Gulf of Mexico, Inc.). It is situated in blocks 642, 643, and 683 and sits in 3,678 feet of water in the Gulf of Mexico, about 150 miles south of Houston, Texas boomvang. boomvang. Home Guestbook Subscribe. Home Guestbook Subscribe. b. boomvang. 1,161 words. A boat hook, a fishing pole and a halyard. June 10, 2019 This season was a bit different as we had made some significant rigging upgrades. New Rigging

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Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Platforms Map - A map of active pipelines and offshore platforms in Federal Wasters of the Gulf of Mexico Anadarko's Nansen and Boomvang oil and gas fields The Nansen and Boomvang fields lie in the East Breaks area of the Gulf of Mexico. Positioned in the East Breaks area about 241km (150ml) south of Houston, the Nansen and Boomvang fields are 1,121m (3,678ft) and 1,054m (3,453ft) deep, respectively Other spars in the area are Hoover/Diana (138 miles), Boomvang/Nansen (132 miles) and the permanent rigs Tequila (106 miles), East Cerveza (121 miles) and West Cerveza (132 miles), which are extremely popular billfish hot spots Boomvang is Danny F. Santos and more than your standard beard growing musician from Toronto. He's a multidisciplinary artist known for design, writing, acting and even webcomics. His music has described as take alternative rock, infuse it with post-rock guitars, and then smack it's face in with a synthesizer I believe that these are the coords for Boomvang.... N27 21.197 W94 36.760 The Boomvang rig is about 184 statute miles from SPI jetties.... 160 mi from Packery Channel Jettie

On my Catalina 22, the boomvang attaches to the boom 2 feet aft of the mast, 20% of the boom's total length of 10 feet. This puts the vang at 65degree above the horizontal, and seems to limit my ability to put on more vang when I need it. Is there a rule of thumb or a formula that says where.. To determine the effort required on the line when rigged in the tackle, divide the total wind load by the number of parts in the tackle. For example, using our 100 square foot sail, divide the wind load of 150 lbs. by 4 (if we wanted a 4-part tackle) and arrive at 37.5 lbs. of pull required to move the boom or load Boom Vangs. If you're looking for a boom vang for sale - you've come to the right place. Fisheries Supply stocks several boom vang systems from the best brands, including the Yacht Rod from Forespar, the Rigid Boom Vang from Garhauer Marine, the Rodkicker from Selden and the Boomkicker.So if you need a rigid boom vang for your sailboat at a competitive price - shop us today and save

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I'm trying to decide if it is worth it to pull the boat to Freeport from Kemah. I have a 26' Glacier Bay twin 140 Suzukis. I average 1.7 mpg and have 240 galllon capacity. Is there a place to hook onto the rig, I saw a post where everyone slept and drifted but I don't think I want to do that. How far is it from Boomvang to Nansen Alright, i have been reading some material on boomvang adjustments and i am confused. I know each boat is different and trimming maybe different but i am looking for either specific adjustments for the boats i sail or general rules for adjusting this convoluted piece of awesome. Growing up in sai.. It was a sunken platform approximately 70 miles offshore from Galveston, TX. We caught quite a few kingfish and vermilion snappers. The second and last stop were at a rock formation. I caught a dozen vermilion snapper and 3 king fishes on top water. We left the bottom fishing and ran to Boomvang rig

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Garhauer Marine, Inc. 1082 West 9th St. Upland, CA 91786 1-909-985-9993 | info@garhauermarine.co Conventional rig sizes, sail plans and displacments are assumed, and suitability for actual application should be checked with the appropriate yacht designer, naval architect or rigger as required. About U

Kerr-McGee Oil & Gas Corp., a unit of Oklahoma City-based Kerr-McGee Corp., began oil production June 24 from its Boomvang field in the Gulf of Mexico from the first of three subsea wells BOOMVANG. When it's windy enough that you need to ease the mainsheet to keep the boat flat, add enough tension on the boomvang that the boom goes out but not up when the mainsheet is eased. This enables you to keep tension on the leech while controlling the depth in the lower part of the main This was a very good week for the live rig! You may not know but Boomvang was created with the intention of being able to play solo or with a full band. Partially, this is because I'm crazy and love a good challenge and partially.. We get a lot of great questions through our Ask the Expert portal and sometimes they make for great articles. Here are Quantum's David Flynn's insights for Mark A. and everyone else who's wondered about how to properly use the boom vang.

Spars, Rigging, and Hardware for Sailboats. Rig-Rite, Inc. Phone: (001) 401-739-1140 -- FAX: (001) 401-739-1149 www.RigRite.com Ordering/Questions: NG-60 Isomat Mas The rig can operate in water depths of 1,500ft and has a variable deck load capacity of 3,500t. Deepsea Bergen is equipped with a 650t single derrick and three mud pumps of 5,000psi. The rig has an accommodation capacity of 110. The appraisal wells were drilled by the Songa Encourage rig, which is owned and operated by Transocean Running rigging is low stretch. All halyards and sheets are sized for easy handling. In addition to sails, there is the following custom canvas: UV protective cover on jib leech; weather cloths for cockpit privacy; covers for all 5 hatches; mainsail cover; rudder cover when kicked up; Queen bunk lee cloth divider; halyard and sheet bags; insect screens; privacy curtain; hatchboards' envelope. Nansen and Boomvang fields are located, respectively, on East Breaks 602 and East Breaks 642, 643, and 683 Blocks in the US Gulf of Mexico in 3,700 ft of water (OGJ Online, Oct. 10, 2000)

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  1. Boomvang: The Course This was a very good week for the live rig! You may not know but Boomvang was created with the intention of being able to play solo or with a full band. Partially, this is because I'm crazy and love a good challenge and partially... June 28, 2019. News. Updates and Other Insanities
  2. The rig is one of the toughest jack-ups in Energy Exerter's offshore fleet. The Energy Exerter rig is specifically designed for operations in the North Sea at water depths up to 300ft and a total length of below 112m. The independent leg cantilever-type jack-up rig has a power of 2,000hp and can drill at a depth of 7,500m
  3. Which Rig? With so many rigs to pick from (the rigs looks like skyscrapers along a skyline at times), an experienced captain is vital to sorting through the structures that aren't productive. Depending on water conditions, time of year and availability of baitfish, most rigs can hold fish. Pictured here is the Elf rig in about 2,800 feet of water
  4. We were going to fish here for a few hours and then head on to Boomvang to try for some tuna during the day. It didn't take long to start catching fish. Keith drops down about 200ft and I drop down as well. I get the first hit and we start to motor away from the rig, but after 10 seconds the fish is gone
  5. utes Oil rig fishing in the Gulf of Mexico should be on every angler's bucket list. Nothing beats it for action, and you never know what you might head back to the dock with. From giant Amberjack and Grouper to Tuna, Wahoo, and even Marlin, the Gulf's finest all hang out around these underwater towers
  6. um rig has swept spreaders and does not require a backstay. Calibrated shroud turnbuckles allow for easy and quick tuning changes. The mast is deck stepped for quick and easy rigging. Mast bend is controlled with a powerful 16:1 boomvang. The jib is set on a furler for ease of handling
  7. Boomvang - Live Weather Station - Magicseaweed.com We use cookies to deliver a reliable and personalised Magicseaweed experience. By browsing Magicseaweed, you agree to our use of cookies

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  1. Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about WEST MARINE FJ (Flying Junior) Custom Rigging at the official West Marine online store. Since 1968, West Marine has grown to over 250 local stores, with knowledgeable Associates happy to assist. Shop with confidence - get free shipping to home or stores + price match guarantee
  2. We make a couple of tours around the rig, and see a few tuna blowing out. And this is where it starts to get fuzzy. I believe we caught a couple at Boomvang, and pulled the plug and ran to Nansen, where we spent the night scratching, and where I believe all YFT were caught between 2100-2330
  3. Here is my attempt at putting standard DF95 A rig tune into steps. Credit to Clay Bauman Input welcome Place in stand fully sheeted on. Loosen backstay, jib and main cunninghams. With the jib cunningham loose check that the front sail pocket moves up and down freely without any sticking. Set mast step slider on third mark from the aft
  4. Jul 8, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Sv The. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

How to Catch Yellowfin Tuna in the Gulf of Mexico. Interested in yellowfin tuna fishing from Galveston with us? You can charter a tuna fishing boat or yacht with our expert fishing crew and captain, just contact us or reserve a spot on our calendar PRESS RELEASE Blake International Rigs, LLC Updates Contract Status Blake International Rigs recently completed the upgrades to the Blake Rig 651 for working on dynamic (floating) facilities.. Boomvang: lt;p|>| A |boom vang| (US) or |kicking strap| (UK) is a line or piston system on a |sailboat| use... World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most definitive collection ever assembled Rig-Rite, Inc. Phone: (001) 401-739-1140 -- FAX: (001) 401-739-1149 www.RigRite.com: ISOMAT SPARS: Isomat was one of the largest Spar Builders in the world and Isomat spars are common on many European, US, and even Far Eastern production sailboats built in the 1980's, '90's, and later. Most Isomat Mast Sections feature an.

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  1. *IMPROVED RIG CONTROL *IMPROVED LIGHT AIR PERFORMANCE *FASTER OFF WIND PERFORMANCE *HIGHER ACCELERATION Put your Laser in turbo-drive with the LaserPerformance ARC Rigs. With spars designed by Scott Ferguson and sails by Robbie Doyle, the ARC rigs are alternatives to the Laser Standard and Laser Radial rigs that is compatible to the Laser hulls. The ARC rigs are designed to accommodate a wider.
  2. rig name depth (ft) shell offshore inc. mc 762 g07962 t.o. deepwater poseidon deimos 3,150 walter oil & gas corporation gc 243 g20051 seadrill sevan louisiana aspen 2 3,048 shell offshore inc. mc 807 g07963 olympus n88 mars 3,038 enven energy ventures llc gc 158 g07998 dd 202 brutus 2,985 shell offshore inc. mc 807 g09882 h&p 201 mars 2,94
  3. BoomVang Vangshouldbefirmsothat itisn'tloosewhenthemain-sheetissheetedon. Cunningham Noneotslighttension,just enoughtoeasewrinkles. Jibcarposition Middlehole Jibclewposition Middlehole Foreandafttrim Bowinthewater3-5cmor 1-2inches,keepwakeat sternclean.Moveaft whenplaningdownwind. 29er Coaching Manual - Section 1 - Rig Setting
  4. Basic Rigging. On this page, you will learn how to rig an Opti, one of the most basic types of sailboats. First, we have the hull which is the part of the boat that sits on the water. The boom is then connected to the hull of the boat with the boomvang
  5. CH Marine -Northern Ireland, Newtonards,. 1,067 likes · 1 talking about this. Northern Irelands leading Dinghy Sailing, Canoeing, Marine Equipment and Sea Safety Centre with Stores in Newtownards,..
  6. CH Marine -Northern Ireland, Newtonards,. 1,067 likes · 2 talking about this. Northern Irelands leading Dinghy Sailing, Canoeing, Marine Equipment and Sea Safety Centre with Stores in Newtownards,..
  7. CH Marine -Northern Ireland, Newtonards,. 1,065 likes · 4 talking about this. Northern Irelands leading Dinghy Sailing, Canoeing, Marine Equipment and Sea Safety Centre with Stores in Newtownards,..

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  1. CH Marine -Northern Ireland, Newtonards,. 1,061 likes · 2 talking about this. Northern Irelands leading Dinghy Sailing, Canoeing, Marine Equipment and Sea Safety Centre with Stores in Newtownards,..
  2. Encuentra ropa, accesorios y equipo para pesca
  3. Rigging hydraulics TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION SHEET | Boomvang | HVG . Rigging hydraulics Dimensions (mm) model HVG-12 HVG-17 HVG-17 (B) HVG-22 HVG-22 (B) HVG-30 HVG-30 (B) HVG-40 HVG-40 (B) HVG-60 A cylinder diameter 54 60 68 84 98 13
  4. Rig-Rite, Inc. Phone: (001) 401-739-1140 -- FAX: (001) 401-739-1149 www.RigRite.com Ordering/Questions: Boom Vangs: Boom Vangs: A Boom Vang lets you control the leech tension of the mainsail independently of the mainsheet so you can better shape the mainsail for maximum efficiency. They're particularly effective off the wind.
  5. More on Rigging and Boom Vang. The information below is taken from e-mails from Keith Diehl's Montgomery Boats Listserver. Though originally restricted to mast rake and weather helm, the discussion has been expanded to include information on tuning the boats
  6. Boomvang: When the wind gets stronger the boomvang is used to help depower the lower part of the mainsail. Adding tension to the boomvang flattens the lower main sail and allows the trimmer to ease the mainsheet in the puffs and still maintain some leech tension on the sail. It is important to remember to ease the boomvang when the wind speed drop
  7. I was hoping someone might have had this same scenario and could help. I have purchased a rigid boomvang (spinlock VX1350) and my boat, a C&C 34 does not have a mast or boom fitting in place and I do not know where I could purchase such. To this point my only option would be to have a custom..

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Boomvang Boom Vang tensioning system will be an 8/1 cascade purchase using Stackers™ Stackable Static Lashing Blocks with a line running back into cockpit. *'AFTER' photos and videos will be uploaded as we rig the boa I expect that in racing boats with a highly flexible mast and a fractional rig, the amount of mast bend you can introduce this way is greater. Indeed the article suggests the use in racing boats. The SO32 and the SO29.2 have a 9/10 rig and a single set of angled spreaders, so I feel the mast cannot be controlled as much as in fractional racing. Sta-set dacon mainsheet, Britelite halyards & all other running rigging: Barberhauler package for jib sheets: Boomvang: Bailer (Venturi) Cunningham: Hiking straps: Spinnaker gear installed w/ halyards led to console & sheets led to cockpit: Traveler w/lines led to teak thwart *See above for items included on both standard & racing versio Wichard Groupe - Furling systems - Masts and booms - Rigging - Precision machining. Sparcraft has been associated with engineering excellence in the marine industry for over 50 years, specialising in the design and manufacture of masts, booms and rigging systems of the highest quality. CATALOGUE : OTHER LANGUAGES Her wide, uncluttered decks, no-thrills rig and deep, comfortable cockpit all combine to make her feel very stately, while the furling sails and electric winches make her very easy to sail. This is a yacht for bluewater cruising par excellence - she'd take you almost anywhere without you needing to break a sweat

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Video showing how to tighten the vang while sailing an Optimist dinghy. Links to related content. Good demonstration for sailing school use Discuss Gulf of Mexico Oil Rig Fracking Issues: Blue Dots = Oil & Gas Health or Safety Issue Reported Oil & Natural Gas Drilling Sites, Power Plants, Renewable Energy, Refineries Add pin, enter address, describe health issue(s) & number of people Share map with friends, family & Gov't officials Detailed Video Instruction Boomvang Floater, 102nm offshore, depth is over 3500' These are the billfish and tuna grounds. Last Updated on May 26 2021, 2:55 pm CDT. Weather by NOAA. Current Conditions: Fai Jul 8, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Rod Taft. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Learn proper sail trim and rig tune. It's critical to keep the boat on its lines and at top speed. Having the crew weight and sails properly balanced wins races. Prep the hull and rig, clean the bottom, and save your best sails for big events. What should buyers know when choosing a J/109? Production of J/109s ended several years ago

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Discussion Boomvang ~ Gooseneck Questions Sailboats. my US1M has a carbon stick with a Sailsetc boom and vang had to drill very small holes toward the bottom of the stick to mount the vang and have never experiennced any problems doubt if removing that small % of material would have any effect on the mast during any compression load these boats could apply, Jul 8, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Zachary Eller. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Jul 8, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Stacy Feikert-Lapish. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Rigid boomvang with integral cleating. Main boom with #1 reef stopper to port and #2 reef sheave on starboard side to double as Cunningham. 12:1 internal mainsail outhaul on boom. Complete running rigging package; Deck Hardware. 46:1 two speed self tailing primary winches. 35:1 two speed self tailing secondary winches on cabin trunk Dealer Home; Technical information; Press releases; Online service

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Rig your vang system so it has a good combination of power and adjustability. You need enough purchase to get maximum vang tension in the heaviest winds. However, you don't want so many parts that you create extra friction when tensioning or releasing the vang Shenandoah deepwater oil field lies at a water depth of approximately 1,700m in the Gulf of Mexico, offshore US. The field is jointly owned by LLOG Exploration Offshore (30.95%, operator), Venari Resources (30%), Navitas Petroleum (23.1%), and Blackstone Group (15.95%) Boomvang is a spar rig about 105 nm from freeport.. Upvote 0 Downvote. SheepHead Almost A Member. May 16, 2007 117 3 San Diego Name Aaron Boat none! Jun 4, 2008 #7 wow that sounds like a great day on the water . Upvote 0 Downvote. Uriel Newbie. Feb 21, 2007 47 0 Tx Name Rafael Boat Ruso Jun 4, 2008 #8 Sweet! Toggle signature Undeniably the bigger version of the successfully Winner 9.50. The 11.20's longer lines and taller rig give even better course steadiness and windward performance. Her 7/8 rig with Sparcraft mast is powered by 40m2 mainsail and a 28m2 high aspect staysail.. Now to be admired and inspected 7 days a week in our salesharbour in Hindeloopen RIGGING ACPHull UnsinkableHull SelfBailingCockpit w/TransomScupper Flush-FoldingStainlessSteelBowEye PVCNon-MarkingRubRail OarLocks ThreeSeats OPTIONS SailingPackage-Includes: AluminumFree-Standing2pc. Mastw/Halyard-RaisedMainsail BoomVang Mainsheet Kick-UpCenterboard Kick-UpRudder MainSail MotorMount BeachDolly 12/02 6

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the rig as well as giving additional headstay tension. Move the genoa block back one notch if you are still overpowered. Spinnaker - The best indicator for adjusting pole height is to keep the clews level. This will mean keeping it low in light air and raising it as the wind increases. When broad reaching and running, se Discover the best Rigid Boom Vangs at Marine Outfitters at competitive price An oil platform, offshore platform, or offshore drilling rig is a large structure with facilities for well drilling to explore, extract, store, and process petroleum and natural gas that lies in rock formations beneath the seabed. Many oil platforms will also contain facilities to accommodate their workforce. Most commonly, oil platforms engage in activities on the continental shelf, though. Alternative Independent Visual Boomvang Directory. Boomvang. Photographic Boomvang screenshots featuring Boomvang. Boomvang on the web. Search Boomvang - Running Rigging - Reckmann Powerpack for using Outhaul, Backstay and Boomvang cylinder - Pressed and mounted new high & low pressure hydraulic hoses. Back to overview. A+ Rigging Nederland B.V. Zeldenrust 11, 1671 GW Medemblik; Tel: +31 (0)227-544096; Mail: info@aplusrigging.nl

The offshore drilling life: cramped and dangerousNansen/Boomvang Trip - YouTube50´ Van de Stadt - Steel KetchRed Jacket 17ft

Spacraft BoomVang. Rigging - replaced in 2013. Forestay replaced in 2021 ( one size up). Great condition. Chain plates - Tie-bars checked in 2021. Rebedded. Spinnaker crane on Masthead with Harken block 2018. Masthead shieves - new 2018. Dyneema Lifelines with reflective tape (2018) Jacklines (Wichard 2017) New Acrylic windows (2021) Anchor. is lightweight, easy to rig, plus easy to trailer. The Johnson 18 is a strict one-design Class ensuring uniformity, competitiveness, Controls for the cunningham and boomvang are led back to the skipper under a removable spine that keeps them from becoming tangled in Jib Spinnaker sheets Sailboat and sailing yacht searchable database with more than 8,000 sailboats from around the world including sailboat photos and drawings. About the CATALINA 28 sailboa The Cruiser 34's double-spreader, deck-stepped Seldén rig comes with a rigid boomvang, so there is no need for a topping lift. The sailplan is relatively simple, with a traditional Dacron mainsail, lazyjacks and a sail bag. In-mast furling is optional as are tri-radial sails March 2016 Delivered, mounted and stepped mast - Reckmann EF90-3 Headstay - Reckmann EF90-2 Cutterstay - Reckmann rigging hydraulics, Backstay cylinders, boomvang, keel cylinder, hydraulic/electric panel, powerpacks

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